Integrity Summit's Weekly $100 Integrity Tigers at Work Giveaway!

Integrity Summit raises awareness, cultivates, recognizes, rewards and publicizes integrity. To better support this mission, we have created the Weekly $100 Integrity Tigers at Work Giveaway! Additionally, it’s an extraordinary opportunity for sponsor visibility each week associated with promoting integrity. Integrity Tigers: Walk the talk of integrity even when others do not.

Nominate your co-worker for their acts of integrity in the workplace for the chance to receive Integrity Summit’s Weekly $100 Integrity Tigers at Work Giveaway. If selected, the chosen nominee and Nominator will get $50 each and seats to Integrity Summit 11.

Commencing Week of June 1, 2022 and Ending October 30, 2022

Some examples of integrity in the workplace include:

  • Did the right thing, even when no one was looking
  • Taking responsibility for a mistake or actions – even when they were not favorable
  • Consistently going above and beyond
  • Stopped gossip or misinformation in the workplace 
  • Didn’t take credit for some else’s work
  • Reported actions that are damaging to the organization or fellow employees

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To qualify, acts of workplace integrity must have occurred within 30 days of the day of this nomination.

If your nomination is chosen to receive the Act of Integrity $100 Giveaway, we will contact you and your nominee

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